Supreme’s first Artist Series: Spring/Summer 2019 Collection X Gilbert & George

Image courtesy of  NGV .

Image courtesy of NGV.

Supreme has collaborated with artist Gilbert & George for their first artist series —releasing a series of limited capsule collections of: T-Shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and skate decks. The art of the curated collection originates from Gilbert & George’s 27-piece series, 1984 Pictures.

Image courtesy of  Supreme’s Instagram.

Image courtesy of Supreme’s Instagram.

Gilbert Prousch (born 1943, San Martin de Tor, Italy) and George Passmore (born 1942, Plymouth, United Kingdom) are two elderly gay couple artists in their 70’s who work together as a ‘art-duo’. It is critical to understand and view the two individuals work as one.

The two first met while studying sculpture at Saint Martin’s School of Art on September 25th, 1967. During an interview in 2002 with the Daily Telegraph, they spoke of their initial meeting, chronicling, “it was love at first sight.” They soon got married in 2008.

Gilbert & George have lived and crafted art for nearly 50 years. The inspiration for much of their art is based on the East End of London life and culture. Known for their luminous-colored graphic style photo-based works and eminently formal manner and appearance in performance art.

Image courtesy of  The Mac Live

Image courtesy of The Mac Live

The art is often controversial and aggressive in exposition. They state, “we want our art to bring out the bigot from inside the liberal and conversely to bring out the liberal from inside the bigot.” Gilbert and George’s works are assortments of bold-colored photographs, addressing issues and topics of the human experience, religion, race, illness, corruption, sex and death.

Gilbert & George were awarded the Turner Prize in 1986, along with exhibiting twenty-five large pieces with reference to illness and destruction for an AIDS charity organizations at the Anthony d’Offay Gallery.

Image courtesy of  Supreme’s Instagram.

Image courtesy of Supreme’s Instagram.

The pair are mesmerized by history and literature. Gilbert proudly says, “George gets up at 5 am every day to read the 19th-century literature.” He adds, “you can read novels to study history much better than history books.” The same being for their art — wild and strange imagery collected on their walks come-together to tell a story, perhaps alike a scary novel with themselves as the main subjects of the narrative.

The artist series collection: Gilbert & George x Supreme has released via the online Supreme website, along with off-line stores in New York, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, London and Paris on March 21st, 2019.

Image courtesy of  Supreme’s Instagram.

Image courtesy of Supreme’s Instagram.