HRY SPACE Talk: "Photography: Shaping The World Around Us"

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On March 29th, 2019, HRY Space hosted an artist talk titled “Photography: Shaping The World Around Us."

The talk brought together three influential NYC-based photographers to speak to an audience about photography and how it's influenced in their lives and how it shapes the world around us.

Nik Antonio, Kevin Sikorski, and Anthony Blue began their conversation with co-moderators Kayla McMillen and Ashante Charles at 6:30 pm, below are highlighted responses of three questions.

Q1: How does photography shape the world around us?

Anthony Blue: “All the things that are presented to us in media, Whether it’s on TV or a still image, it helps build these ideas of what we think we are. Photography builds on who we are and what we think we are.”

Kevin Sikorski: “Social media too, given the way that we see everything, it builds on interpretations of other people. Images shape the way we ultimately see other people. Which is kinda funny because you can change a photo and in turn change “reality.” This really affects how we think.”

Nik Antonio: “Beauty standards are affected through photography and video, so we, in turn, see ourselves in general through everything else that we see in media.”

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Q2: “How do you utilize the medium of photography to change the world around you?”

Anthony Blue: “Photography for me has always been a way to explore certain things and get a better understanding of things. The camera has always been for personal use and growing up, like, I began to look at photo albums which made me think about shooting in order to document what's going on in my life.”

Nik Antonio : “For me, I feel like using things like and building a conversation to show your work, especially if it’s something you care about, that builds conversation for others to start asking things like ‘Why?’ and  ‘What does that mean?”

Kevin Sikorski: “Anyone who knows me personally knows I have a little trouble with my words, and describing things that I feel. So with photography, I can describe things visually. Photographers kind of see the world differently. So with photography, I’m able to use it to show my perspective on certain things.”

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Q3: “Was there ever a point where each of you realized that photography was something you were going to pursue as a career or keep in your life for forever?”

Anthony Blue: “I feel like I had that moment in college, just while I kind of wanted to create new memories. It came from an innocent moment of seeing a moment and wanting to remember it. I saw my mom's photo albums and it was really about creating memories for me.

Nik Antonio: “I definitely didn't have that moment. I’m still waiting for that moment where I’m like ‘Photography is it’ because I love photography but I also love other things. I feel like now especially in this freelance stage, I do other things. Right now it can’t just be a photo.”

Kevin Sikorski: “I would say that I definitely kinda had that moment. I was with my parents. We were at home talking about colleges and stuff, and where I wanted to go to school. And at that time I had been going basically every single weekend taking photos with one of my best friends who’s actually here tonight. We would go every weekend and just explore and shoot. It motivated me so much. So I was just talking to my parents about what I wanted to do and I always thought I would go the business route, just because of the way I was raised. So I went and looked at schools like the school I currently go to which is Parson’s School of Design. There really is a ton of ways to do something. You don't even have to do just photography.”

This HRY Space Talk lasted 2 hours and had seats filled with around 150 people. Over 15 questions were asked to the panelists along with a Q&A session from the audience.

The full talk can be viewed here.