Desert X 2019 Elevates Public Art Experience Globally, In Nevada Desert

Image courtesy of  Lance Gerber’s Instagram .

Image courtesy of Lance Gerber’s Instagram.

Your usual art show or gallery exhibition might occur within the walls of a museum. Indoors, at least, is the usual standard for an art show. There is one contemporary art exhibit that’s deconstructing the notion that art setting has to be stagnant.

Deserts are hot, dryland that is often not affiliated with the arts. However, when someone hears the words, “Coachella Valley” there is a different association that comes to mind. Desert X is located in Coachella Valley and manages to bring together some of the finest international artists. It was founded in 2015 by a non-profit charity called Desert Biennial. Since then, their focus has remained centered around bringing awareness to the public of the valley’s environment, and it’s original magical works.

Desert X is an international art exhibition focused on showing contemporary works. While the exhibition has brought environmental awareness to the global public, it has also given contemporary art a new life by placing it in an extraordinarily adventurous and atypical setting. The first ever edition of Desert X took place in Palm Desert in 2017 here works such as The Circle of Land and Sky by Philip L Smith III were shown. The exhibition for this year opened on February 9th and runs until April 21st, 2019.

Lover’s rainbow, by Pia Camil, courtesy of  Alexandra Lippin’s Instagram

Lover’s rainbow, by Pia Camil, courtesy of Alexandra Lippin’s Instagram

By Kayla Mcmillen
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