Snapchat's VR Art Gallery to Celebrate Black History Month


As a tribute to Black History Month, Snapchat has allowed users to immerse themselves into a virtual art gallery containing the works of Millennial artists. Users can “enter” the VR gallery wherever they are to see works exploring many themes relating to the experience of being a black artist in America.

Featured artists include Gianni Lee, Bianca Pastel, Jessica Spence, Jameel Mohammed, and Paracosm, with music from Ivy Sole. SnapNoir, a Snapchat black employee group, established the gallery to “to honor the work being done by talented artists today and celebrate the black history of now.” The gallery will be available throughout February.

The virtual art gallery is a way to honor Black History Month, allowing black voices to be heard amidst the whitewashing and erasure of the art world. It allows for the reclamation of museum walls in a virtual sense, while becoming accessible to those who might not be able to explore black artists.

Each artwork is accompanied by its title and the artist’s name. When “walking” closer to the piece, it will lead to the work’s display in the entire screen. Snapchat has also released a Celebrate Black History Month lens when engaging in selfie mode.

ARTSIMPL MEDIAArt, Interactive