Art to Pore Over: Andrea and José Olympio Pereira Display Their Collection in a Coffee Warehouse in Brazil


Over the past 15 years, José Olympio Pereira, the CEO of Credit Suisse in Brazil, and his wife Andrea have amassed a collection of more than 2,000 works with a focus on contemporary art from their home country. The works have been divided between their different homes and the offices of Credit Suisse—but recently, 250 of them have found their way to a new space in São Paulo’s Lapa neighborhood, formerly a factory and warehouse district that is quickly becoming residential.

For the first display in Galpão de Lapa, the Pereiras invited Miyada to once again select works from the collection, about 80 percent of which was produced by living artists. Among them are Afonso Tostes’s wood sculptures, Solange Pessoa’s moss-and-bronze works, a wall installation by Nicolas Robbio, and some 15 works by Waltercio Caldas, a favorite of theirs who is one of the artist-curators for this fall’s Bienal de São Paulo.

“What I like about it is not only the ability to see the works we love but also to give people access to artists we like,” José Olympio said of a show he hopes will be a must-see stop during the biennial. “People ask, ‘What’s the purpose of your collection?’ It’s to give pleasure.”