Frieze Makes Its West Coast Debut


Frieze Los Angeles will be held from February 14th to the 17th on the Paramount Pictures studio backlot. The Frieze presentation will feature over 70 Los Angeles and international-based galleries along with talk programs, music, and art projects. The event will display L.A.’s capabilities of becoming a center for art and culture.

The event is organized by team composed of figures such Victoria Siddell, the director of Frieze Fairs; Bettina Korek, local arts expert and executive director of Frieze Los Angeles; and Hamza Walker, the executive director of LAXART and curator of Frieze Talks and Frieze Music. Ali Subotnick, formerly of the Hammer Museum, will oversee Frieze Projects and Frieze Film.

The Paramount backlot will display a set built as a stand-in for the city along with curated art projects illustrating the city’s “interplay of artifice and reality.” The set will also showcase experiments in retail, patronage, and publishing from L.A.’s network of art enterprises. The purpose is for the backlot to become a “non-place”, a space where art becomes the center of conversation.

The gallery tent is built over an area that may be flooded with over one million gallons of water, a reference to aquatic movie scenes such as The Ten Commandments and Waterworld. The sky painted mural wall will complete the ocean-like illusion.

In the Frieze website, Meredith Darrow said: “Explore the L.A. based galleries and artists, my favorites of which are Blum & Poe and David Kordansky Gallery for more established artists - and Chateau Shatto and Night Gallery for younger emerging artists. At the same time, remember that many established galleries participate in fairs these days with the goal of placing works in that fair’s geographic region. That makes this a fantastic opportunity for L.A.-based collectors to be prioritized by world-class galleries, who don’t have brick and mortar spaces here. I’m particularly excited about Sadie Coles HQ, Thomas Dane Gallery and David Zwirner and looking forward to working with them on acquisitions for L.A based collections.”

Frieze Los Angeles

Paramount Pictures Studios

Los Angeles, California, United States

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